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Our story

Adam Technology Store has been established within Al - Turkmani Group, a leader in the field of modern electronic and office equipment since 2008.
We always do our best to get the highest value from our customers by dedicating all our resources and efforts to provide the highest quality at competitive prices with the world's largest companies in this sector.
Our values define the culture of our company and provide the framework which we work on it:
- Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in every work we do.
- Knowledge: Through our expertise, we offer the most practical technical solutions to our customers that meet their needs and business needs.
- Support: We always provide the tools and instructions necessary to support and develop and maintain the quality and maintenance of all equipment.
- Opportunity: We open the doors to take advantage of the highest technology available globally and delivered to our customers.
- Results: Continuity We seek to provide and provide the required support and services to the satisfaction of our customers and customers because our success satisfied them.